The company was founded in 1977 and specializes in the manufacture of springs.

Since the beginning, our philosophy has been to focus on product quality and adapt to new technologies with the aim of meeting our customers’ needs and quality requirements while taking into account their financial potential and resources.

Strategic development, modernization, reliability of products and provision of multiple services

Industrial compession spring

, in combination with people-oriented services and relations between the company, its partners and its customers have made this company one of the biggest and most trustworthy spring manufacturing plants in Greece.

We manufacture springs which range from simple to the most complex types, by using the most efficient methods, such as mechanical processes and manual work, depending on the case.

We have assisted many customers in finding solutions to design problems.

Our suggested solutions have led to the significant reduction of their expenses regarding mechanical processes, production and materials.

Our springs are delivered in special packaging, suitable for the protection of each type of spring.

We operate INDEPENDENTLY and we are not linked in any way to other companies operating in this field or to companies that have similar names.

Watch a video of how we manufacture springs with the latest technology.

Spring Manufacture of SPRINGS company